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The Haunted Manor

Stanisław Moniuszko
Laco Adamik
Piotr Sułkowski
3 hours 0 minutes



3 hours 0 minutes | 1 intermission
Stanisław Moniuszko
Jan Chęciński
World premiere
28.09.1865, Teatr Wielki, Warszawa
premiere at the Krakow Opera
26, 27.04.2004
Two brothers returning from the battlefield make a promise to remain bachelors, but when they meet the beautiful ladies from the neighbouring manor, their vows become much harder to keep...

Director, Laco Adamik, aims at revealing Polish national vices and show that, regardless of the epoch, these vices remain the same. The prologue and the epilogue refer to the present day, thus giving the show a modern framework. Thanks to its well-woven, lively plot, which is fuelled by vows of bachelorhood, constantly surprises the audience with changes of mood and delights them with humour, wit and lyricism, The Haunted Manor remains one of the Polish music lovers’ all-time favourites. It comes as no surprise, given that, musically speaking, Moniuszko’s work is perfectly crafted: melodically and harmonically inventive and scored with immense virtuosity.


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Director: Laco Adamik 
Music Director: Piotr Sułkowski
Conductor: Bartosz Żurakowski
Set Designer: Barbara Kędzierska 
Choir Master: Ewa Bator, Marek Kluza
STEFAN | Tomasz Kuk

ZBIGNIEW | Sebastian Marszałowicz

JADWIGA | Agnieszka Cząstka-Niezgódka

HANNA | Katarzyna Oleś-Blacha

MIECZNIK | Adam Szerszeń 

CZEŚNIKOWA | Magdalena Barylak 

MACIEJ | Michał Kutnik 

SKOŁUBA | Wołodymyr Pańkiw 

DAMAZY | Krzysztof Kozarek 

GRZEŚ | Paweł Szczepanek 

STARA NIEWIASTA | Anna Gajdzik-Krzyżanowska 

MARTA | Kamila Mędrek-Żurek  

conductor: Joachim Kołpanowicz


Category A
Marshal’s Balcony
120 zł
Amphitheatre Rows IV-IX
85 zł
Amphitheatre Rows I-III and X-XII
65 zł
Amphitheatre Side seats and rows XIII - XIV, Right-hand and left-hand side boxes (level 1), Balcony level II rows I and II
40 zł
Balcony level II Rows III and IV
30 zł
Attention! Visible ticket prices are valid for performances within the regular repertoire of the Krakow Opera.

Different ticket prices apply for special, pre-premiere and morning shows. There are also discounts for disabled people. Detailed information can be found in the Pricelist.
Category C
40 zł
Amphitheatre Rows IV-IX
30 zł
Amphitheatre Rows I-III and X-XII
25 zł
Amphitheatre Side seats and rows XIII - XIV), Right-hand and left-hand side boxes (level 1), Balcony level II rows I and II
20 zł
Balcony level II Rows III and IV
15 zł
Midday performances